Design Intern
Year 2019
Technology Photoshop
Categories Startup
Project Goal

Inviting guests to any occasions is a delicate task. As user you have to go to multiple platforms to manage event and keep it all connected. With the help of the Mobilly invite this tough-to-handle task becomes smooth and more manageable. 

Users can create and send invitations With help of integrated creative & beautiful cards for different occasions .It also gives all user recommendations for gift/vendors and reminders for event on whatsapp adding to the user engagement level.


So here we go, Mobilly Invite covers it all. Just make your event in one go, fill in your event details and let our app does it all! Invite your guests now digitally on a DIY Platform with no hassle and also share your excitement by bringing them on the same platform, with lot more features to keep them all engaged. You can also share your memories/album with all the guests at a go and keep them all updated.

Excited about your child birthday? Now share your excitement with all your guests digitally. A smart tracker for RSVP and managing your guests. Also, keep your memories with you forever with digital albums. From single events like a birthday to multiple events like weddings. It covers all of it!

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