Year 2020
Lockdown Sucks
Technology Wordpress,
Categories Awarness
Project Goal

Founded UnitedUs back in 2020, during the lockdown period when people are starving, worried and can't do anything about the condition. I and a team of 6 students (my friends) decided to help back them, and this seems to be the awesome experience we have ever landed.

We provide them useful resource like food, oxygen cylinders, beds and other things that are likely to be a need in that period. The whole process is non-profit basesd, we made this thing for our satisfaction and mindset to help people. We have got many appreciations from bollywood superstars to high bases organisation.


Have helped many people at that time. People still call us around time, when they got some problems. I developed a resource management system where people acn easily find phone numbers of anything they need and we make sure they are in stcok! 

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